big freedia queen of bounce

Regional music fosters more vitality than almost every other music scene. Consider the fandom around Dubstep for instance. Now compare the energy created there, already high, with whatever comes with what’s being being made around the corner. What’s local, because it belongs to a place, a people call it their own, will always receive the most love. Diplo, the producer behind M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes”, recently toured the US making short documentaries about some of the local scenes. His first stop was New Orleans, where he made one of the best introductory videos to Bounce Music I’ve ever scene:

Now that you’re excited and perhaps curious to hear more, here’s a video by Big Freedia, a Sissy Bounce artist, singing one of the songs that Diplo partially included in his video. It’s called “Y’all Get Back Now”, and like Juvenile’s late-millennium hit, “Back that Azz Up”, the instructions are clear. This music is about dancing, and in addition to being a fantastic song, the video celebrates the metamorphisizing powers of shaking your body. Listen. Dance.

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